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How Often Should You Schedule Carpet Cleaning?
Most people vacuum their carpets at least once per week. Unfortunately, vacuuming isn’t enough to keep your carpets thoroughly clean. Pet Dander, dirt, bacteria, and food crumbs easily work their way deep beneath the surface fibers, where they are difficult to remove using standard vacuum cleaners. If you want your carpets to last a long time and continue looking great, you’ll need to get them professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

The Standard Recommendations for Carpet Cleaning
Most homeowners should schedule professional carpet cleaning every six to 12 months. The more heavily used the carpeted areas of your home are, the more frequently they will require professional cleaning. In addition, you should check the warranty information for your carpet. The manufacturer may require you to schedule a professional cleaning at specific intervals in order to keep your warranty valid. Remember to keep the receipts for all of your professional carpet cleanings. The manufacturer may ask for copies of the receipts if you ever need to file a warranty claim with the company.

The Situations When You Should Schedule More Frequent Cleanings
Some homeowners find that they need to get their carpets cleaned more frequently than the standard recommendations. For instance, if you have a light-colored carpet, you’ll notice that dirt and grime are more highly visible. White, off-white, tan, and other light-colored carpets tend to require more frequent cleanings. You may also need to get your carpets cleaned more frequently if you have young kids or pets, as they can be rough on carpets! Finally, you may want to schedule a professional carpet cleaning if you’re planning on hosting a family reunion or similar get-together at your home.

To schedule your next professional carpet cleaning, call Big Red Carpet Cleaning at (661) 288-1225. Our IICRC-certified technicians use state-of-the-art cleaning technology for our customers in the Santa Clarita area. Our team members are experts at removing tough stains and odors, including pet-related accidents.

Monique A.
Valencia, CA

"They are the BEST!  My carpets look brand new.    I have a little dog that visits me from time to time and like to pee on my carpet.  Steve performed a miracle!  So very professional and really detail oriented! "

Noe F.
Santa Clarita, CA

"Steve at Big Red Carpet Cleaning is awesome! We wanted to get our second story bedroom carpet cleaned quickly and at a reasonable price and that's exactly what they did for me! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for fast and efficient work!"

Nicolette S.
Valencia, CA

"If you are thinking of having your carpets cleaned, Big Red is the way to go!!! Robert was able to come out right away to clean our carpet and it looks amazing, he was even able to get all of our stains out! Steve and Robert are both very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to refer them!"


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